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Typical application:

The set is suitable for handyman, modellers and most households.

The Fan - its inclination is adjustable and the operation time is unlimited.

Grinder - you can sharpen hardened saw teeth, scissors, sheers, drills, chisels, small metall parts and grind glass edges. The drive unit can be fastened to the work bench either frontally or laterally.

Scurfing - emery bobbing of wooden parts. You can put a buffing wheel under the emery bobbing wheel. You can get this variant either separable or together with a grinding wheel or a cutting wheel.

Buffing - the buffing wheel allows to get a high glossiness of small metall parts. The variants are similar to those ones mentioned in the emery bobbing description.

Grinding, Cutting - with the black wheel you can sharpen hardened saw teeth, scissors, sheers, drills, chisels, small metall parts and grind glass edges as well.

The Saw (additional module for the HOBBY MM 3130) - Set allows quick and precise shaped cutting mainly of plywood up to 5 mm in thickness, printed circuit wafers, plastic materials, aluminium sheets, balsa wood up to 8 mm in thickness. The set is variable, you can put it together as you like.

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage230 V AC
Rated frequency50 Hz
Rated inputup to 55 W
Rated current0,6 A
Revolutions idle2900 RPM
Environment temperature+5 °C to +35 °C
Weight1,4 kg
Insulating classE
Operation of the fanOperation time is unlimited
Operation of the GrinderOperation time is abouit 30 minutes, it depends on load

Driving group protection against overload by reversible thermobreaker.

Protection against electrical injury in accordance with the class II, double insulation.

Content of HOBBY SET

1 driving group with motor, 1 circulating fan wheel, 1 grinder wheel, 1 covering of grinder wheel, 2 polishing wheels, 5 emery bobbing wheels, 1 nut, 1 screw M 5x10, 1 fanrest, 1 flat clamp, 1 metall pad, 1 plastic pad, 1 dressing stick, 1 distance ring, 1 special cutting wheel authorised only for this set.

Pictures of the product

Content of HOBBY SET HOBBY SET - Grinding shears HOBBY SET- Grinder HOBBY SET- Scurfing HOBBY SET- Saw

Video example:


Catalog sheet MM3130.pdf (636 KB)
Catalog sheet (saw) MM3130_2-2113_pilka.pdf (518 KB)

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