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Conditions of access and using of WWW pages of the
ATAS elektromotory Náchod a.s. Company.

These WWW pages (further called only Pages) have been runned by the ATAS elektromotory Nachod a.s. Company.

1. Generally

Exept of these conditions are all other data stated on these Pages only data of orientation without a binding character and the ATAS Company is entitled to change or to amend them at any time. Please contact us if you are interested in more detailed information or in case of binding legal negotiations as well.

2. Intellectual property

All materials stated on the Pages are an intellectual property of the ATAS elektromotory Nachod a.s. Company. You are allowed to print them only for your individual use. Any other way of using them would be an infringement of rights of the ATAS elektromotory Nachod a.s. Company.

3. Anonymous data

If you visit these Pages, some information such as time and duration, visited Pages and your internet provider can be collected and kept as anonymous data. These data have been used internal within the ATAS elektromotory Nachod a.s. Company in order to find out the activity of these Pages and to improve them. If you are viewing our pages so we are able to insert certain information into your computer. These information is in the „Cookie“ format or in a similar format to help us to design web pages or advertisements in a more interesting way and to respect your preferences. Most internet browsers make possible to erase „Cookie“ from your computer, you can block the reception of „Cookie“ as well or let light up a warning sign before „Cookie“ was installed. Please get acquainted with the instructions of your browser or make your acquaintance with proper possibilities on your screen.

ATAS elektromotory Náchod a.s., Bratří Čapků 722, 547 01 Náchod

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Asociace exportérů
Asociace exportérů

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