Quality Policy

Declaration by the management of the company

A long lasting creation of positive values is the only and objective criterion of the success of any Company. This is why our main aim is enduring satisfaction of our staff, Company's owners and state. There is only one way towards this aim – satisfied customers. Each of our employees has to work in a first – rate way, revere above all basic ethical values and build an atmosphere of confidence. All of us have to realize our individual part on the Company's results and this is why the enduring task of each employee must be increasing efficiency of our Company including improving activities.

For this purpose our Company apply a management system according to the norm ČSN EN ISO 9001, that has been regularly checked by independent certification commission, internal audits and custom audits. This system is properly amended with a building of the CSR - Management System (the management system of social responsibility). This CSR – system is incorporated into the Ethics code of our Company. In consideration of the gained knowledge we can take measures in order to improve proper and continuous our management system.

The main principles of the company in the field of quality are summarized in the following paragraphs:

Quality Decalogue – policy of the ATAS elektromotory Nachod a.s. Company

  1. We have to achieve the contentment of our customers by entire and timely satisfaction of their expectations by our Company's services and products. Also the requirements and expectations of people and organisations that have an impact on our company in terms of laws and supplier, ownership and employee relations may not be pretermitted. The mutual goal is to observe laws and ethical rules.
  2. The quality of our products must be achieved already in the pre – production and during the production, not only at the final inspection. Only in this way we can achieve the quality efficient.
  3. Each of the workers is in charge of the quality within his stage of production. All we have to ensure the continuous improvement of these processes, their efficiency, risk elimination and searching of opportunities for improvement. The level of quality can be achieved by asking at customers and by the continuation of worker's education on each level within our Company.
  4. Any quality begins in the head of each employee and of the Company. The Company's management has to take part active on the development and implication of the quality management system. It also includes a monitoring of external and internal environment, which may significantly affect the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  5. The Company’s management take on responsibility for:
    • a long-run company’s growth which is based on an ethic enhancement of clientele, on the current and new theories,
    • effectiveness of the quality management system; for setting of quality policy and quality objectives; for ensuring of compliance with the company strategy; for support of process approach, process improvement and for considering all potential risks,
    • enough resources for function and monitoring of processes and permanent ensuring of these resources by ethic ways,
    • a timely analysis of available information and timely taking measures to prevent the origin of discrepancies,
    • a continuous building of the CSR - Management System by means of the Ethics code of our Company,
    • setting up measures to protect the company´s employees as a result of the dissemination of Covid-19 by providing of protective utilities, of safe working environment from the point of Covid-19, testing of employees, and providing of vaccination for employees and their family members.
  6. Any discrepancy in quality must be stopped at once. The cause of such a discrepancy must be complete removed. We must take measures that prevent the repeating and extending of such a discrepancy.
  7. The aim within the building up the quality management system is a proper and reasonable mutual connection of the processes among supplier, producer and final customer.
  8. A continuous increasing of labour productivity, observing of standards, industrial and environmental safety lead to remaining of the existing customers, to getting new ones and to the environmental conservation for our offspring.
  9. We must be aware of the fact that the customer is this one who brings money to our Company. This is why any supplier has to be ready to help us to solve any incurred customer's problems and it would be even better to prevent any problems by proper mutual communication.
  10. We must bear in mind that a bad reputation spreads quicker and farther than a good one. Everybody’s task is to prevent all rise of disrepute.

In Náchod, 1stst June 2021
Otto Danek, MSc
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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