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ATAS Electromotors Nachod is a Joint Stock Company with long manufacturing tradition. Mr. Antonin Taichman established an eletrical engineering factory ATAS in Nachod in 1928. The Company specialised for production of small electric motors and fans from the beginning of its existence. The Company developped and prospered succesffully.

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In 1948 the Company ATAS was nationalised and its trade name changed to MEZ Nachod. The state-owned factory kept its original manufacturing programme and produced a variety of small electical rotating machines. The factory has been privatised after 1989. On 1st May 1992 a Joint Stock Company MEZ Nachod was established and the shareholders decided that the name of the factory would be changed back to its original name ATAS as from 1st January 1994. The contemporary set-up of the Company is of two divisions. Division 01 is situated in Nachod and Division 02 in VelkePorici. The manufacturing programme today is not at all different from the long-term tradition. ATAS manufactures general use small electric motors as well as special customised motors, which meet with their design specific customer's requirements.

The quality of their products is assured throught the implementation of the Quality System certified to ISO 9001. Their products are being utilised in variety of applications, which has been reflected by their extensive manufacturing programme.

• Single-phase permanent capacitor motors up to 800 W
• Single-phase shared pole induction motors up to 20 W
• Three-phase squirrel cage induction motors
• DC permanent magnet motors up to 1.100 W
• Series and shunt commutator motors up to 500 W
• MEZAXIAL axial fans, RATAS radial fans
• Geared motors
• AC and DC tachogenerators
• Brushless hollow shaft resolvers in size 15, 21 a 28
• High-speed dental micro-motors
• Motors for aircraft industry

ATAS also offers production of special tools used for stamping of electric motor lamination up to Ø 150 mm in diameter, production of aluminium and aluminium alloy die-casting moulds as well as mould extrusion of plastic materials.

ISO 9001
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